Tổng hợp khóa học Udemy miễn phí ngày 22/8/2023


Tiếp tục với serie khóa học Udemy miễn phí được cập nhất mới nhất ngày 22/8/2023.

Khóa học được chia theo các danh mục cụ thể để các bạn dễ theo dõi và đăng ký khóa học mình cần.

Như thường lệ, khóa học miễn phí này sẽ có thời hạn đăng kí từ 1 – 4 ngày hoặc đến khi khóa học đó full Slot.

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Dưới đây là danh sách những khóa học đang miễn phí.

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Tổng hợp khóa học Udemy miễn phí ngày 22/8/2023

IT & Software (26 khóa học)

  1. Improving software development productivity
  2. SAP BusinessObjects Interview Preparation
  3. power apps : Complete Training with practical hands on.
  4. Scrum Master Professional Certification
  5. SQLite Made Easy
  6. Linux Terminal Productivity
  7. Hack Windows
  8. Google Bard -LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Application)
  9. CGEIT 101 : Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT
  10. Adobe Acrobat Pro Ultimate Guide
  11. Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) – Exams
  12. Why Antivirus is Essential?
  13. An In-depth Study of Antivirus Software
  14. 11 Key Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Antivirus
  15. Upgrading Computer Networks from Windows 7 to Windows 10
  16. Microsoft DevOps AZ-400 Practice Exams 2023
  17. Malware Analysis & Incident Response for IT Technicians
  18. Agile Professional Certification
  19. Linux Command Line Terminal Basic for Beginners (In Hindi)
  20. Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Exam Prep
  21. Web Applications Step by Step Guide Part-2
  22. Web Applications Step by Step Guide Part 4
  23. Web Applications Step by Step Guide Part – 3
  24. Web Application: Step by Step Guide
  25. The Ultimate Guide to ICT Skills
  26. ChatGPT de A à Z: La Formation Ultime pour Maîtriser ChatGPT

Development (16 khóa học)

  1. Functional Programming + Lambdas, Method References, Streams
  2. Python Programming- Practice Tests & Interview Questions
  3. Intro to ChatGPT: The Essential Skills for Getting Started
  4. C Programming the Basics
  5. Javascript Practicals Crash Course
  6. Gatsby JS | Build a personal blog using gatsbyJS
  7. Build, Host & Manage WordPress Websites using AI [10Web]
  8. XML and XSD: a complete W3C-content based course (+10 hours)
  9. Capture, Edit, Render: Create UHD Screen Videos with NVIDIA
  10. 4 Practice Tests for any C++ Certification
  11. Top 100 python interview questions
  12. 4 Practice Tests for any Python Certification
  13. Real time Automation+Manual Interview Questions with Answers
  14. 500 HTML Interview Questions and Answers [August 2023]
  15. 1500 Tailwind CSS Interview Questions and Answers [2023] MCQ
  16. Olympic Games Analytics Project in Apache Spark for beginner

Personal Development (30 khóa học)

  1. Professional Diploma in Personal Productivity
  2. Time To Go: How To Safely Leave An Abusive Relationship
  3. Certified Level 1 Colour Therapy
  4. Stress Management – Overcome Obstacles & Building Resilience
  5. How to Transform Your Life with 12 Amazing Powers
  6. How to Achieve More Peace in Your Life with 7 Easy Changes
  7. Excellence in Leadership & Managing Skills for Good Managers
  8. Achieve Anything with 10 Easy Ways to Build Self-Discipline
  9. Train the Trainer: How to Be a Trainer in the Training Biz
  10. Public Speaking for Women
  11. Public Speaking Disasters: Recover from Your Speech Blunders
  12. Public Speaking Contests: You Can Win
  13. Public Relations: How to Be a Government/PIO Spokesperson
  14. Persuasion: Give a Persuasive Presentation
  15. Personal Communication-Introduce Yourself With Confidence
  16. Media Training -Radio: How to Speak Effectively on the Radio
  17. Communication Skills: Be a Star Presenter on a Panels
  18. Assertiveness: You Can Speak Up for Yourself!
  19. P.O.W.E.R. : Proven Interview System to crack your DREAM job
  20. Time Management, Productivity, Decision Making Tools & Aids
  21. Personal Growth – Affirmations and Taking Action
  22. How to Transform Your Life – practical ways
  23. Find a Job Online thru Networking and Hunting
  24. Art Therapy and Personal Development for Families
  25. EFT Your Fear of Public Speaking
  26. How to BUILD CONFIDENCE and SELF-ESTEEM: Unleash a New You!
  27. Time Management Tips: You Need to Know About
  28. Navigating the HVAC Field: Exploring Opportunities in HVAC
  29. Master Your Mind – Self Mastery
  30. How to Manage Stress in our life ?

Business (47 khóa học)

  1. Secrets of Successful Transformation of Organisation
  2. Executive Diploma in Corporate Entrepreneurship
  3. New Small and Big Best Business Ideas Generation & Selection
  4. Etsy: The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Your Business
  5. Build Your Best Cold Email Strategy!
  6. Value Proposition, Cold Calling and Elevator Pitch Guide
  7. Business Fundamentals: How to Start a Business
  8. Project Management Professional Certification
  9. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Professional Certification
  10. Start a Profitable Affiliate Coupons Website -Passive Income
  11. Secretary Professional Certification (SPC)
  12. Executive Assistant Professional Certification (EAPC)
  13. Corporate Governance Professional Certification (CGPC)
  14. Responsibility Accounting & Performance Measurement
  15. QuickBooks Pro-Business & Personal-One QuickBooks File
  16. Master Budgets – Managerial Accounting/Cost Accounting
  17. Flexible Budgets, Standard Costs, & Variance Analysis
  18. Accounting-Bonds Payable, Notes Payable, Liabilities
  19. Remote Speaking – Pro Speaking Skills in The Coronavirus Era
  20. Public Speaking: Speak Like a High-Powered Executive
  21. Public Relations: Speak Effectively at Press Conferences
  22. Presentation Skills Training: Give a Great Boardroom Speech
  23. Presentation Skills -Deliver an Excellent Ceremonial Speech
  24. Make Money From Home As a Transcriptionist: 10 Opportunities
  25. Journalism: Be a Great Talk Show Host
  26. Investing Presentations-Deliver an IPO Roadshow Presentation
  27. Design Thinking Guide for Successful Professionals
  28. Cold Calling Guide: Master Selling on the Phone
  29. Board Member Executive Certification (BMEC)
  30. Sales management – streams, frameworks and processes
  31. Management Executive Certification
  32. Effective Delegation – Principles and practical concepts
  33. Chief Business Development Officer Executive Certification
  34. Procurement Manager Professional Certification
  35. Executive Diploma in Operations Management
  36. Executive Diploma in Innovation Management
  37. SAS Predictive Modeling – Predictive Analytics and Modeling
  38. MAPREDUCE – Big Data with Hands-on MapReduce
  39. Logistics & Supply Chain Management – Basics 101 to Advanced
  40. IBM Watson – Build Chatbot with IBM Watson
  41. Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Exam Prep
  42. Cold Email Templates Guide: How to Get Customers Using Email
  43. Cold Calling Guide: Be Confident Selling Over the Phone
  44. 6 Killer Startup Business Ideas In One Masterclass Framework
  45. ISO 13485:2016 – Deep Dive into QMS of Medical Devices
  46. Good Communication Skills are the key to Success
  47. Sales For Entrepreneurs: How to Sell Without Being Sleazy

Teaching & Academics (16 khóa học)

  1. Improve English by Listening Movies – 1c
  2. Geopolitics part 1 : UK
  3. Build a Profitable Online Courses Business [Complete Guide]
  4. Mastering Energy and Power System Optimization in GAMS
  5. Fast track French for beginners
  6. Car Coolant System : Learning every aspect of Water Cooling
  7. Online Course Creation: Teach an Online Course
  8. Introduction to Histogram and Frequency Polygon
  9. Introduction to Bar Graphs
  10. Exploring Frequency Distribution Tables Part-2
  11. Exploring Frequency Distribution Tables ( Part-I )
  12. Solidworks particle study documentation
  13. Drinking Water Explained: Safety, Process & Challenges
  14. Improve English by Movies
  15. Mastering of Plumbing Systems : From Pipes to Principles2023
  16. Cuboid calculations made easy: Mastering the basics

Finance & Accounting (7 khóa học)

  1. Two QuickBooks File-Business & Personal vs One File For Both
  2. Process Costing System-Cost Accounting-Managerial Accounting
  3. Accounting-Statement of Cash Flows
  4. Relevant Costs – Managerial Accounting Decisions & Scenarios
  5. See 27 Ways to Make Money Online with Your Smartphone!
  6. Master Course in Public Policy & Political Economy 3.0
  7. Complete Beginners Trading Strategy For Passive Income

Marketing (12 khóa học)

  1. Advanced Amazon Marketing – The Complete Amazon Ads Course
  2. Digital Marketing Professional Certification
  3. Facebook Ads: Run Your First Ad Campaign
  4. Blogging and Influencer Marketing
  5. Digital Marketing Course 2023: Be a Digital Marketing Nomad
  6. The Complete Digital Advertising Course + ChatGPT Guide 2023
  7. Marketing Professional Certification
  8. Freelancing Professional Certification
  9. Complete Video Creation, YouTube Marketing & ChatGPT Course
  10. Complete Meta Traffic Ads (Meta CPC) Course + ChatGPT Guide
  12. Market Research – MR Fundamentals 101 to Advanced

Design (5 khóa học)

  1. Midjourney Mastery: Unlock Your Creative Potential with AI
  2. Essential Photoshop Course for Beginner to Advanced
  3. Video Editing with Avid Media Composer First for Beginners
  4. Learn Basics of Adobe Photoshop CC for Beginners
  5. Chief Customer Experience Officer Executive Certification

Lifestyle (5 khóa học)

  1. No Oil Cooking Recipes – Eat Healthy! Live Strong!
  2. Introduction To Sacred Cacao Facilitation [Accredited]
  3. EFT Your Travel Stress and Fear of Flying
  4. Italian hair extensions / the hot technology
  5. Level 1 Cosmic Consciousness – Starseed Awakening

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